Tuesday, December 27, 2011

The future of Occupy is coming January 17th 2012

January 17th 2012 is Occupy Congress and then along with that is the first meeting of "The Peoples Congress" Where we will be uniting Occupy movements from around the country through complete democracy. It's going to be amazing. Bringing everyone together leaderless but with one voice. It will bring Occupy to a national stage where we can start to make the change we can all see is needed. I think so far on the list of topics for the first national GA are demands to our federal government for House & Senate term limits of 6 years and the reinstatement of The Glass - Steagall Act. I'm not sure if anything else has shown as much universal appeal as those two demands. I am pretty sure that getting getting rid of Corporate Personhood is going to end up in there along with some kind of reform on legal campaign contributions but I haven't heard for sure yet.

To be clear all issues, demands and really any decision The Peoples Congress makes will be by majority decision of the unified Occupy movements. All Occupy movements are welcome to participate. All of The Peoples Congress GA's will be Live Streamed or Ustreamed so "Facilitators" from each participating occupy can watch and know what we are bringing up for a national vote. Honestly our hope is to unify and give more power and growth to the Occupy Movement, not to take any focus away for the local Occupies that are badly needed in their own individual communities. In fact we believe this will add strength and support for each local Occupy involved when the public see's that WE the people can come together and make a real difference.

Our website http://thepeoplescongress.info/ that is currently under construction will be an open format so that all propositions may be debated and fully argued and researched. Each Occupy that chooses to participate in the peoples congress will have a vote on the topics of national importance. This will give us national cohesion when it comes to real change that we all agree is needed on a federal level. When a topic comes up for vote it will need a two thirds majority to pass. No one person can change or determine any decision made by The Peoples Congress. Each participating Occupy movement must bring the topic to vote at their own local GA and agree prior to casting their vote to the congress.

To qualify as a participating local Occupy movement you must have at least 100 local supporters and a minimum of 20 voters at your local GA to vote on a topic in order for your vote to count in The Peoples Congress. For larger Occupations you may set your rules as you see fit. We are only require minimums to keep nefarious individuals from attempting to sabotage the process.

We think uniting the different occupy movements is going to be the only way we can make true change on a federal level. Plus we think it will encourage everyone to learn why things have become so messed up in this country. Education is a real problem when it comes to the general American public. Most people don't understand why or how our economy ended up in the state it's in. Sorry I know I am rambling. I just really feel like we are on the precipice of change and if we can do it with reform we should try before revolution becomes the peoples bloody answer for the corruption that is our government.

To be clear the demands we decide on A. are not for us to go away if met because we fully intend on occupy being at the very least a major power for the people to speak their voice now and forever. B. are going to be brought up for a vote as people and different occupies present them. In no way will we allow the peoples congress to take power or influence away from any local occupy. This idea is to empower the movement not divide or hurt it in anyway. Being leaderless is our strength!

Transparency is also one of our true key points. Every process from the way topics are brought up to be voted on to every cent collected in donations or spent for anything will be public and displayed on the website. Also no money donated to The Peoples Congress will be spent without first being voted upon nationally. It is our dream to have a national legal fund for the defense of our constitutional rights as well but these are hopes and dreams that are far down the road.

What we need right now is support! We have and are contacting people in as many Occupies as possible but you can help too! Notify everyone you know. Spread the message via twitter and facebook. Bring it up at your local GA. If you don't have a local Occupy movement start one! You don't have to Occupy a public park or live in a tent to be a supporter. Just having a presence in you community is enough. This is America and for the first time since our founding fathers started this democracy we intend on EVERY vote to count and the people to truly be heard!

If you have any questions please feel free to e-mail me.

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