Monday, December 5, 2011

A letter to all Occupations in the US.

I would like to propose that Occupy demand two things.

1st I would like us to demand that all elected offices held on a federal level be subject to term limits of no more than 6 years in the congress/senate and as is already the case 8 years in the presidency. This would ensure that no company could buy enough seats in the House or Senate long enough to get any unfair laws passed to benefit them.

2nd I would like us to demand the Glass - Steagall Act reinstated to it's original form. (Please see the link I added for information on the Glass - Steagall Act.)

I realize I may not be right there with you but I think both of these demands are reasonable and contribute directly to why our nation is in such hard economic times. We as a country need to come together on demands if we ever hope to make things right again. I hope you will consider these demands. I will be presenting them to GA's across the country and I hope they will agree on them as well. We are the 99%!

Thank you for your time.

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