Friday, January 20, 2012

Now that we started this, lets finish it!

By now I am sure you have all heard about Megaupload being taken down and the huge backlash it caused. The attack on the Department of Justice website. Shutting down the FBI's site. That's all well and good but lets be honest. The DOJ and the FBI don't make money off of their sites. Shutting them down might make a statement but if you really want to make some noise you go after sites that make huge money online and support the SOPA PIPA and copyright laws like them around the world. Go after sites that sell the material the industry depends on. That's right friends I am saying hit them where it hurts!

We aren't going to effect real change until we cost the industry that is funding this action some serious money. Look into it and see who stands to make the most off of a site like Megaupload going down? Who secretly supports these copyright laws? How about sites that sell the content Megaupload was giving away? I know it might not be a popular idea to go after internet giants like i-tunes or Amazon but they move the products that the industry sells. They make that industry money! Money they use to buy influence and make laws that force the DOJ or the FBI to enforce the laws.

Maybe if we posed enough of a threat to their actual dividends then they would be content to earn the millions they do now instead of losing distributors and there for sales. We have to start at the top and work our way down. Every distributor of products and content of the supporters of these bills! I know if we shut down major distributors of supporters of SOPA and PIPA like Nike, 1 800 pet meds, L'Oreal, Phizer, Revlon, the NBA, Sony, Viacom, MacMillan Publishers, NBC Universal etc. until they stop carrying the products sold by these companies, the companies will see the drop in their dividends and back off their support of the laws.

So I say do a google search for products of the supporters of these laws. Start at the top and shut down every major distributor until they stop selling products produced by the supporters. THAT'S how you turn this internet attack into a real weapon of change. How much money do you think Amazon, i-tunes or make in sales an hour? How long do you think they will be willing to be shut down before they start dropping these products so they can make money? I bet you it won't take an hour and everyone else will follow suit because they don't want to be attacked and lose money. They have to answer to investors!

Just sayin...

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