Tuesday, February 14, 2012

US Troops to mobilize against Iran?

Okay so the story is that American troops are mobilizing. That's right our National and Air National Guard troops are mobilizing as we speak. Tensions are rising in the gulf and currently we have FOUR aircraft carriers The USS Abraham Lincoln, The USS Carl Vinson The USS Stennis and The USS Kearsarge plus their support fleets in the the gulf and surrounding areas! 

Everyone in the media wants to know when Israel is going to strike Iran. Well personally I think it will happen when their support forces "The US Navy" and "The US Air Force" are ready. See we have a huge steak in this. Iran is the last OPEC member who is not either allies or dependent on the US in one way or another. They are also the last true Middle East power to stand defiant of the UN domination in the region.

Make no mistake we are a country at war! Despite what CNN or our President say, we are spending huge amounts of money and sending large numbers of troops into combat ready theaters RIGHT NOW! Training is going on in secret and forces are strategically moving as we speak. So as this election year comes remember this. Our "President" was elected on the promise of bringing our troops home! Or do we forget his speeches?

Please PLEASE pay attention to what is going on in the world right now because if you don't and we as a people don't do something to stop it we could be looking at a major war starting right back up only one country over from the current war in the Middle East and this country does have nuclear ability and will use it if they think they need to. Not to mention that who are we to tell anyone else in the world how to run their country when we have so much work that needs to be done here at home?

We need universal healthcare. We need an economic boost. We need our country to thrive and fix it's self. All this money we are using to fund wars could be used to fix our nation! Feed our hungry! Clothe and shelter our homeless! Fund national works projects like our crumbling interstates. Revitalize urban centers. Bring jobs to the millions of people can't find work. Offer grants and low interest small business loans to boost our economic growth.

Hell I don't know I am just a normal guy behind the screen of a computer. But if I can see this, hopefully you can too and maybe you are a Senator or Congressman that can do something about it. Maybe you are a normal person who can see past the B.S. they feed us on the evening news and will spread the word. Maybe you can make a difference! Maybe you are the next Martin Luther King or Nelson Mandela. You never know what you can do until you try!

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