Friday, February 24, 2012

Are you a REAL American?

I'd like to ask you all a question. How many of you have seen something going on in the world and wished there was something you could do about it? Maybe it was the emotional plea of a missing child's family or the desperate state of affairs after some natural disaster. The point is everyone out there with a heart can recognize pain and suffering and they can relate in some way. Empathy is what it's called and most of us have it. The problem is most of us shrug it off and say yeah but what help would "I" be or there's nothing "I" can do. What if there was something "you" could do? What if there was a way "you" personally could get involved? Would you do it? Or would you still shrug it off?

I see it everyday in the faces of the people I talk to. They don't want to think about the problems in the world because they think if they ignore them they will make their own little life happier. Well things don't work that way! You may not want to face the fact that the American government is setting us up for yet another war in the "Middle East" with Iran but we are still effected. Every time we fill up our cars at the gas pump because yes gas prices have jumped by 30%! This also effects shipping costs and air travel! Not to mention the Troops that are getting deployed for an undetermined amount of time. We feel it in our grocery bills because the cost to grow and transport every good we buy goes up. So unless everyone reading this has gotten some kind of raise, all this means you have less money to either save or pay your bills with every month. How can we afford to be apathetic about this?

This is our country you know! America has it better than almost every other country out there because our forefathers fought for our freedoms! The ones that are slowly being stripped away from us by the very government that was put in place to protect them! If you are reading this and you are a citizen of the United States of America "you" can do something about the problems we are facing both in this country and over seas! You yes YOU can start by contacting your local representative either by phone, e-mail, letter or go to their office and request a meeting. Express you displeasure with the system and the way it is being run! Then if they still don't do anything to address the issue here's a novel idea, vote against them in the next election! You can also start petitions or sign ones that have already been started. You can peacefully protest which despite what you may have heard is still guaranteed to you in our countries Bill of Rights!    

This country was founded by men that refused to sit back and let the world turn! Why is it that so many of our citizens are so content to just let that happen now? I love this country and what it could be if it is run right! Why are we represented by men that make millions of dollars a year while we the citizens of this nation struggle to make ends meet every month? I bet most of you can't even fathom what that kind of money is like. Do you think because they are rich they are better than you? Do you think they are smarter than you just because they have found a way to exploit the system? Vote these fools out of office! Lets get some people in there that know what it is like to work for a living! I don't hate people because they are rich I just don't see how it qualifies them to make the laws that govern the poor!

All of our best presidents, senators and congressmen have been born into middle or lower class families. George Washington had to marry into money. James Madison was a middle class man from Northern VA. Abraham Lincoln was the son of a "frontiersman" who had to struggle to make ends meet for most of his life! Dwight Eisenhower was what we would consider lower class. His father worked in a creamery. Now I'm not saying the rich can't be good representatives but I have a hard time trusting someone who is only out to make themselves richer and has no idea what it's like to need that next paycheck to survive!

We can make our country great again just by getting rid of some of these old money representatives that have held their office forever. Did you know 39 of our senators and 164 of our congressmen have held their office since the last millennium? Here is a mind blower, 237 of our federally elected representatives have held their office for over a decade now! That breaks down to 44 of the total 100 senators and 193 of the total 434 held seats (1 is vacant) in the house of representatives! I think this is a trend we need to and should change. Senators hold a lot of power in this country and I don't think given the countries current state that all 44 of these senior senators deserve their seats!

So I ask you to take a look at what is going on and do something to change it. Do it now before it's too late! If you stand there and do or say nothing than everything that happens as a result of this current government rests firmly on your shoulders. Every solider that dies! Every dollar that is spent to line a politicians pocket! Everything that is going on right now will be your fault! You had the power to act and "YOU" chose to do nothing!

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