Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Iran's nuclear threat & al Qaeda has US on Top Alert!

UPDATE: 02/17/2012 Like I was saying below Iran doesn't want a war with the U.S. They just want to be a world power. This statement "An American War with Iran Will Not Happen, Iranian Nuclear Advances Will Lead to Inevitable Diplomacy" by Mahmoud Ahmadinejad shows what Iran's true intentions are. The only way we are going to end up going to war with Iran is if we force it! As an American citizen I DO NOT SUPPORT THIS WAR! If you agree please write your local representatives and plead with them to stop. Make no mistake, our Government wants to strike Iran. They want control over the gold and oil Iran has. I'm not a supporter of Iran just of Human Rights!

This is how it starts. Remember how we justified the war in the middle east in the first place? Well here is the first of I am sure many articles to come from CIA sources in the "Middle East" This one from the "New York Post" claiming Iran is in bed with guess who... That's right our old friends al Qaeda! I don't know maybe they are. Maybe Iran does want war. But why? What would Iran stand to gain from a war with America and if they are bed fellows with al Qaeda, most likely the entire UN? It's a war even someone as crazy as Mahmoud Ahmadinejad would know is tantamount to suicide for his nation and military. After all they fought a war with Iraq for damn near ever to a stalemate & then we wiped them out in less then a month.

I think it's more likely that Iran and it's rulers are attempting to emerge as a world power. They are expanding on all fronts. They are launching more sophisticated satellites and expanding their space program. They are working on nuclear power and I am sure nuclear weapons. Don't get me wrong, it's scary stuff to know that yet another nation will have the capability of starting a nuclear war but then again there is that whole mutually assured destruction clause that goes along with it. That was our excuse and China and Russia and well a host of other countries with nuclear capability. I'm not saying we shouldn't urge them not to start stockpiling nuclear weapons but lets be really clear about what that entails too. Even nuclear weapons have a shelf life and once that is up these still radioactive things need to be decommissioned and stored someplace safe for something like 1000 years! Like most nations with nuclear capability Iran will realize that figuring out what to do with spent fuel rods and decommissioned nuclear weapons is a real pain in the ass!

 I also realize that Israel, Americas great ally in the middle east has serious issues with Iran who for whatever reason doesn't seem to get along with any of their neighbors very well. But their war has been a holy war that has been raging for thousands of years and is not likely to end any time soon. Not to sound insensitive but honestly to me it seems like the worlds longest running and largest family feud in history. I mean doesn't this whole thing stem from two brothers in the bible? Ah what do I know? I'm not even religious. I just know that aside from wiping one of the two off the map which to be clear "I AM NOT SUGGESTING!" There is no way we are going to stop the battle between the Muslims and the Jews. Either they will have to work it out themselves or not. Personally I don't think it's my business. I don't care who gets to play in the sandbox and since their not my kids it's not my or my moneys job to try and make them hug it out!

As a unbiased observer to the issues going on in the world today, I just think that Iran should be aloud to better it's nation and it's peoples standard of life as it sees fit as long as it doesn't include genocide or any other human rights or environmental violations. As a world we should remind them that the powers they are playing with in regards to nuclear, have very serious consequences should they be irresponsible with them. Both weapons and power generation have the potential to cause great and expensive harm in and outside their borders. In the event of a meltdown, accidental or deliberate detonation of nuclear devices that extend damage beyond their borders it will be accompanied by the responsibility for repairs and monetary compensation to all effected. If they are willing to accept those risks let them move forward. I know this sounds crazy but America is not the world police! Not to mention that the only reason we are where we are today is that we were aloud to advance our technology and infrastructure as we saw fit. Why shouldn't everyone else be afforded the same chance. What we are doing to nations like Iran right now is basically a civil rights violation. It's like saying you can't have these things because you are inferior to us and that's not right!

I know I am going on a rant here but seriously think about it objectively. The only commodity Iran has like most countries in the middle east is oil. It's common knowledge that the world is trying to move away from its dependence on limited natural resources such as oil. Not to mention the oil reserves under the middle east are eventually going to run dry. The Iranian government owe it to their people to try and plan for the future. What other commodities could they offer in the future? How will they supply their people with electricity? How will they support their economy when their primary means of trade is gone or no longer sought after? It looks to me like they're looking into technology. They can't exploit the land for massive crops the way other countries do in such an arid climate. The only crops worth growing are used to make illegal drugs and can't lawfully be exported.

The middle east has the potential to become the largest ghost town the world has ever seen because once the oil dries up if we don't allow them to come up with other ways to support their population there will be a mass exodus followed by a return to that in which it began, a dessert. A couple hundred years from now people will talk about the huge abandon cities in the middle east like they do gold rush towns here in America. Sure there will be a small population scraping out an existence but nothing like the thriving metropolis you see today. These countries can afford to support their populations on the revenue they bring in from the sale of oil. Who knows maybe in the future (if we allow them to) Iran may be the world leader in telecommunications or maybe they will just fold up and fall to the wayside. I just think they should get a chance to determine their own future.

I know people are going to talk about the aggression Iran has shown toward our navy and say they want a fight but honestly you are dealing with a different culture. One that has been fighting for it survival for thousands of years. Any backing down by Iran will be seen as a show of weakness. It doesn't matter that it's a fight they can not win, it's the proof that they are unafraid to fight it that matters. In cases such as this we tell our kids to be the bigger person and walk away. Just because you can beat someone up or humiliate them doesn't mean you should right? If I am wrong on this just let me know and I will shut up. Besides we are parking three carrier battle fleets right off the coast of their country and then expecting them not to be nervous? How nervous would you be if you woke up one morning and there was three Chinese or Russian carriers and their support fleets sitting off the New York coast or just floating around in the gulf of Mexico? I know I would be shitting bricks and buying guns to get ready for the invasion!

So now that I have gone on for so long I'll end with something I was once told by a wise man. Put yourself in the other persons shoes and try to see things through the other persons eyes. Try to understand their perspective and you may just gain a different perspective of your own. This should be practiced no matter the situation because even Suz Tzu says "Know your enemy as you know yourself and you can fight a hundred battles without disaster." 

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