Monday, November 21, 2011

What's next for #OWS

After watching cities all across the country use violence to evict OWS protestors while the (Main Stream Media) or MSM pretty much ignore the fact that tens of thousands US citizens 1st amendment rights have been violated. It makes me wonder just how does OWS keep from falling off the radar just as the nation gears up for primary elections and major campaigning really starts to kick into high gear?

In the past groups have attempted to disrupt the Republican national convention only to have their movement cut off at the knees before they ever really made their point. There have been big plans like the N17 march with estimates as high as 34,000 people including unions and students as well as Occupiers. But to be honest it was kind of lack luster if you ask me. For the numbers that were drawn I expected to see the Brooklyn Bridge shut down but it wasn't. In fact the the most moving thing about that night was the 99% bat symbol on the Verizon Building.

It makes me wonder why with such strength in numbers no one thought about a way to really get the nations attention? I mean close down the bridge to all traffic and then stage a sit in and refuse to move! What are the NYPD going to do arrest 34,000 people? They had a hard enough time with the 700 from the first Brooklyn Bridge march. I'm not trying to take anything away from the amazing solidarity that was shown that day and to those of us that were there or watched it on live stream it was enough to give you chills. However it didn't capture the attention of the world the way that it should have.

Any good protest challenges authority. It forces change in a peaceful way! Imagine the headlines if the police were forced to remove all those people from the bridge? It would have been front page news all over the world! People would be moved and the movement would grow! That is what we need! We need huge statements!

So it begs the question, what's next? How do you keep the movement building? How do you effect the people that are on the fence? The ones that want change but think OWS is nothing more than an unorganized group of hippies. What we need to do is make headlines and inspire people! Shut down someplace huge like Grand Central Station during Monday morning rush hour or show up at the NYSE at 7am in the thousands & prevent anyone from entering the building causing a true delay in the opening bell!

It's not that I like to see people get arrested but any time there are mass arrests it makes headlines. Something like the Brooklyn Bridge arrests move people. If the press & photographers stay up on the pedestrian walkway while the protestors take over the traffic lanes gives the press the perfect vantage point to document without risk of an excuse for the NYPD to attack the press while they "follow orders" by beating and arresting protestors.

Or if you really want to cause a stir how about taking your message straight to Washington? Close down Congress by surrounding the building and not letting anyone in till they arrest every last one of you! As the camps slowly disappear from each city the movement is really starting to fizzle. Before this movement ends up like the Tea Party lets do something huge. Lets wake the world up!

Okay so this is my first actual "Blog" lets hope it gets better as I go.

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