Monday, November 21, 2011

180 degrees of police brutality...

Sitting here watching the police actions in places like Wall St., Boston & Oakland I began to wonder. What if the shoe were on the other foot.

I wonder what would happen if in NY a police officer said or did something that the protestors didn't like so they grabbed him & drug him into the crowd. Throwing him to the ground as a group of them began beating him the remaining protestors surrounded the fallen officer and blocked the beating from view while physically keeping any other police officers from helping their fallen brother?

I wonder what would happen if in Boston the police were having a gathering & a mob of people just started grabbing officers one at a time throwing them on the ground, beating them, kneeling on their neck, zip-tie their hands & drug them away all while other people beat anyone who tried to help with metal polls & sprayed them in the eyes with pepper spray?

I wonder what would happen if in Oakland a mob of 600 people showed up in the middle of the night & overran 100 police officers capturing 75 of them and demanded $750,000.00 for their release? Then when their fellow officers show up to try and help their captured brothers and sisters the mob opened fire on them with beanbag shotguns, grenade launchers with CS gas rounds & threw flash bang grenades?

I wonder just what would happen?

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